Thunbergia Alata


Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Thunbergia plant is a climber plant which comes with small beautiful flowers in a 6L pot with a supportive sticks to climb on

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Thunbergia Alata are an essential grow in your garden, home, or patio . Alata Mix thunbergias are easy to grow from seed and produce hardy and vigorous perennial vines and, as a native to tropical African climates, can bloom year-round indoors and in warm winter climates. Alata Mix thunbergia seeds are ideal to liven up baskets, trellises, trees, or dull interior décor. Alata Mix thunbergias mature into 5 – 8′ long lush, leafy vines with countless dozens of canary, orange, yellow, and cream color petals that promise to excite all year long.


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