Plant Organic Fertilizer


Liquid Bio Fertilizer

Organic Bio Liquid Fertilizer: Fertilizer rich in organic matter

  • Composition: Contains essential nutrients:
    • Nitrogen
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
  • Benefits:
    • Activates the root system and formation of new fruits.
    • Reduces soil alkalinity which improves growth, flowering, and fruit formation.
    • Suitable for all plants and all climatic conditions.
  • Usage:
    • Works on breaking down nutrients and converting them into a mineral form easily absorbed by plants.
    • Used as a fertilizer by spraying on green masses or with irrigation water to treat nutrient deficiencies in plants.
  • Organic Fertilizer Features:
    • Increases the rate of plant growth.
    • Helps in increasing flowering as well as production.
    • Improves soil properties like aeration and neutralizing soil acidity, and increases the humus content in the soil which helps in water retention, thus reducing water consumption.


Instructions for using Plant Organic Fertilizer:

  • Initial Dosage:
    • Add 50 ml of fertilizer to one liter of water for each tree.
    • On the first day, apply the mixture to the tree by spraying or watering.
    • Pause for three days without repeating the process.
    • On the fourth day, reapply the mixture to the tree by spraying or watering.
    • Repeat this process throughout the first month.
  • After the First Month:
    • Apply the mixture to the tree once a week.
  • Notes:
    • For spraying: Use 5 ml of fertilizer in one liter of water using only the organic fertilizer.
    • For watering trees that are 3 meters and above in height: Use 150 ml of fertilizer mixed with 3 liters of water for each tree.



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