Nbaate Organic Bundle


Nbaate Organic 3 fertilizers Bundle. When used as a mixture, the three fertilizers complement each other to provide a comprehensive nutrient solution for plants:

  1. Fish-Based Liquid Fertilizer: Derived from fish and marine algae, it supplies nitrogen for green growth, phosphorus for root strength, and potassium for soil neutrality and salt balance. It promotes new green growth, enhances nodulation and fruit size, and improves soil aeration and neutrality. It’s safe for edibles like vegetables and fruits.
  2. Organic Bio Liquid Fertilizer: Rich in organic matter, it also contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It activates the root system, enhances fruit formation, and reduces soil alkalinity. It breaks down nutrients for easy plant absorption, is suitable for all weather conditions, and increases plant growth rate, flowering, and soil humus for better water retention.
  3. Baraka Fertilizer: A bio growth stimulant from herbs and marine algae, providing essential nutrients and micronutrients. It boosts photosynthesis, accelerates flowering, increases fruit size, and enhances plant immunity and biological processes at all growth stages.

Together, these fertilizers offer a synergistic blend that encourages robust plant growth, significant yield improvement, and soil health enhancement, suitable for diverse plants and environments. They address various aspects of plant development, from root to fruit, and ensure a balanced supply of macro- and micronutrients.


Three Fertilizers Usage Method:

Administer 50 ml of fertilizer mixed with one liter of water for each tree.

Today, give the trees fish fertilizer, then pause for three days. On the fourth day, use organic fertilizer (either by spraying or watering), then pause again for three days. On the fourth day, give pond fertilizer. Repeat this process for the first month.

After the month, use each type of fertilizer once a week; meaning, use organic fertilizer in the first week, fish fertilizer in the following week, and pond fertilizer in the third week, thus continuing the cycle.

For spraying, use 5 ml of organic fertilizer mixed in one liter of water.

Note: For palm trees and large trees, use 150 ml of fertilizer mixed in 3 liters of water.