Ipomoea alba

Moonflower is a climber plant the blooms at night only come in 6L pot with support stick to climb on sold in around one meter height.

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Ipomoea alba, sometimes called the tropical white morning-glory or moonflower or moon vine, is a species of night-blooming morning glory. Tall Night Flowering moonflower boast some of the most fragrant, spectacular, and rapid-growing blooms in the entire world. Tall Night Flowering moonflower is a vigorous garden performer easy to grow from seed and vines as high as 15 – 20’ up any trellis, tree, fence, or archway. Tall Night Flowering seeds promise enormous 5 – 6” ivory white blooms world renowned for their irresistible nocturnal perfumes and aromas. Tall Night Flowering moonflower are a dazzling grow both indoors and out and ideal for adding an authentic touch any living room, office, porch, or patio.