MAX FISH Fertilizer


Vital Liquid Fertilizer

Fish-Based Liquid Fertilizer: A natural compound fertilizer derived from fish and marine algae

  • Composition: Contains essential elements necessary for the growth of various plants:
    • Nitrogen: For increasing green growth.
    • Phosphorus: For strengthening the root system.
    • Potassium: For neutralizing soil acidity and eliminating excess soil salts.
  • Benefits:
    • Encourages new green growth.
    • Strengthens the plant’s root system.
    • Helps in increasing nodulation as well as fruit size.
    • Improves soil properties like aeration and neutralizing soil acidity.
  • Safety: Safe and non-harmful for use on vegetables and fruits.


Instructions for using MAXFISH Fertilizer:

  • Initial Dosage:
    • Add 50 ml of fertilizer to one liter of water for each tree.
    • Apply the mixture to the tree and leave it for three days without repeating the process.
    • On the fourth day, reapply the mixture to the tree.
    • Repeat this process throughout the first month.
  • After the First Month:
    • Apply the mixture to the tree once a week.
  • Note:
    • For bees and large trees, use 150 ml of fertilizer mixed with 3 liters of water.



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