Curry Leaf


Murraya koenigii

Curry Leaf Plant around 1 meter height good choice for garden to get fresh curry leafs around the year

Well-drain soil
Sun Exposure Full sun
Once Every 3 Months 17-17-17 NPK


Large Curry leaf plant  3-4 years old. With dark mature wood, almost pencil size or more in diameter.

Plant you will be getting might not be exactly as shown but similar to the description


Native to India, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries,the curry leaf tree (Murraya koenigii) grows as a small bush or tree that can reach anywhere from six to 20 feet tall. This low-maintenance evergreen produces fragrant white flowers, which grow into small, black fruits similar to berries. This fruit is edible, but should only be consumed carefully by removing the poisonous seed first. Foliage forms alternately on the stem and pinnate, comprised of many leaflets. The curry tree offers a distinct aromatic scent and spicy flavor, its leaves best harvested when fresh.

Widely used in South Indian Cuisine.


Botanical Name Murraya koenigii

Common Name Curry tree, Curry leaves tree, Curry plant, Sweet neem, Meethi neem or Kadhi patta

Plant Type Broadleaf evergreen

Mature Size 6 to 20 feet tall and 4 to 12 feet wide