Bamboo Stick Thick


Material: Natural bamboo.
Available in Bundles of 50 pieces.

Thickness: 22/24MM
Height: 240CM.


Bamboo sticks or poles are perfect choice for your garden decoration its very ideal for plant support and simple structures. Long sticks can be split, cut and shaped for any project. In gardens bamboo sticks can be used as posts, support, or for decorating purposes.

It is perfect for plants growing: This garden bamboo poles is a perfect tool for helping growing plants grow straighter and more beautiful. You can use garden tool to make it change into any length as you need.

Material: The Bamboo sticks made of premium quality natural bamboo.
Usage: Indoor & Outdoor.

P.s. Bamboo cracks as it ages, but it does not affect the strength of the pole. Curving pole can result in breaking it.

Dimensions 22 × 22 × 240 cm




SKU SE_22441