Desert rose

30 – 40AED


Adenium (Desert rose) is a flowering shrub which do best in warmer climate. Can bloom around the years with nice colorful flowers. Available in two sizes.

Once a day in summer twice a week in winter
Twice a year NPK
Can live in direct sun and partly shade
Blooming/Fruting Calender

Not Avaiable

Semi Avaiable



The desert rose flowering plant grows well in desert settings and will bloom beautifully with full, bright sun. They can also do well with bright morning sun or bright afternoon sun but may not flower as heavy. If kept in the shade, these plants become leggy and weak-stemmed.

Even though bright sun stimulates blossom production, the Desert Rose takes a break during the very hottest and rainiest months of the growing season. This results in two periods of blooming. You’ll see flowers begin to develop in early spring. With the right amount of light, your plant should bloom steadily until mid-summer.

Pot Size

6L, 10L

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